Dove Relaxing Body Wash Jasmine Petals and Coconut Milk, 500ml


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Calm your senses and your skin with our Relaxing Body Wash, blending the calming scent of jasmine and coconut milk.

It can be hard to fit in a little ‘me’ time when life feels stressful.

Take a moment to pamper your skin with our Relaxing Body Wash. Infused with the indulgent, calming scent of floral jasmine petals and rich, creamy coconut scent, this soft skin body wash helps to soothe your mind, nourish your skin and leave you feeling relaxed – all during your daily shower.

How to Use

Spread our Relaxing Body Wash all over your body and allow the nourishing formula to get to work. Calm your senses with the fragrance of coconut milk and jasmine petals before rinsing away with warm water to reveal touchably smooth skin.

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